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Social Media Scrutiny in Global Visa Screening:

Flight Board

Travel/Visa Agencies

Countries and immigration agencies increasingly consider applicants' social media histories as part of the visa application process. This examination can serve multiple purposes:

Background Check: Social media can reveal information about applicants' past behavior, associations, and activities that might not be disclosed during the traditional visa application process.

Security Screening: Immigration officials use social media to assess potential security threats. This might include scrutiny for any connections to extremist groups or participation in activities that threaten public safety.

Verification of Information: Officials may compare information provided in the visa application with the information available publicly on social media profiles to confirm the veracity of an applicant's claims regarding employment, relationships, or travel history.

Assessment of Eligibility: Some visa categories, like those for influencers or individuals with extraordinary abilities, might involve a review of an applicant's social media presence as part of the eligibility assessment.

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