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MySchoolSafe Student Safety & Wellness Platform

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Empowering Schools with MySchoolSafe

Your Integrated Safety Net

MySchoolSafe is a comprehensive Student Safety and Wellness Platform designed to tackle the three critical issues that schools and teens grapple with today: social media/cyberbullying, suicide/self-harm, and shooting/mass violence.


Our platform stands out by integrating essential services, such as social media monitoring, an Anonymous Tip Line, and a Suicide/Crisis Hotline, into one seamless interface. We've designed MySchoolSafe to be a proactive channel that listens for and acts upon the early warning signs often communicated by students in distress. According to a report by the US Secret Service, approximately 73% of students who commit or attempt self or mass violence share their intentions with friends or on social media. This startling statistic underlines the need for vigilant and responsive systems like ours.


One of the unique aspects of MySchoolSafe is its architecture, which involves parents and assigns them an active role in their children's safety. At the same time, schools provide support and facilitate access to the platform. This collaborative approach is crucial in creating a robust student safety net.

Social Media Monitoring

By keeping an eye on students' social media profiles, we can encourage responsible online behavior and help keep them safe from harmful posts. Additionally, monitoring social media can be an effective tool for identifying early warning signs of self-harm or violent behavior, allowing for timely intervention and support. Our social media monitoring tool only looks at publicly available posts and we do not require any social media passwords. We do not look at accounts that are private or private posts. 

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