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Social Media History Matters

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In today's interconnected digital world, awareness of your social media history has never been more crucial. Whether it's college admissions officers evaluating character, employers seeking insights into a candidate's professionalism, or potential customers assessing professional services.  Do you know what's in your social media?

Understand the facts and myths behind social media screening.

About SocialTrase

At SocialTrase, we believe in the power of informed decisions. In today's digital world, your online presence matters more than ever.  Our cutting-edge technology and expert analysis delivers a clear picture of your digital footprint, ensuring that your online reputation aligns with your personal or professional goals. 

Our Vision

SocialTrase takes social media screening to the next level. With advanced machine learning, we can deliver the most comprehensive analysis of social media.  We analyze original posts, likes, comments, replies, reposts along with the images on each post.  We even extract and analyze the text from memes.  

Our Technology

SocialTrase is a full-featured, cloud-based platform that incorporates advanced machine learning for text and image content analysis.  Analyze up to 10 years of public posts* from a candidate's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Reddit.

Who are we
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