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Surviving the Admission: Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Lead to College Acceptance Being Revoked

Navigating the path to college can be thrilling, but remaining mindful of your actions is crucial, especially after receiving an acceptance letter. Colleges reserve the right to rescind offers based on certain misconducts or discrepancies. Here are some essential do's and don'ts to ensure that your college admission remains secure:


Maintain Academic Performance:

- Do continue to work hard in your final year of high school. Colleges expect your final grades to be consistent with the performance you demonstrated when you applied.

Stay Out of Trouble:

- Do keep a clean record. Any disciplinary actions, arrests, or significant behavior issues can be reported to colleges and may jeopardize your acceptance.

Adhere to Deadlines and Requirements:

- Do meet all deadlines for submitting final transcripts and other required documentation. Also, ensure you complete any needed exams or prerequisites stated in your acceptance letter.

Be Honest and Transparent:

- Do notify the college of any significant changes in your circumstances, including academic status or extracurricular achievements.

Manage Your Social Media Wisely:

- Do maintain a respectful and clean digital footprint. Inappropriate or offensive material on your social media profiles can raise red flags with admissions offices.


1. Slacking Off Academically (Senioritis):

- Don't let your grades slip. A significant drop in academic performance, often called "senioritis," can lead to colleges reconsidering their offer.

2. Engaging in Misconduct:

- Don't engage in illegal activities or behavior that results in disciplinary action. This includes academic dishonesty, substance abuse, or any form of criminal behavior.

3. Ignoring College Correspondence:

- Don't ignore communication from your college. This includes digital communications, mail, or any requests for additional information.

4. Misrepresenting Yourself:

- Don't exaggerate or falsify any information on your application. If a college discovers dishonesty in your application, it can be grounds for rescission.

5. Neglecting Social Media Etiquette:

- Don't post inappropriate or offensive content on social media. Many colleges monitor the online presence of their prospective students.

By adhering to these do's and don'ts, you can safeguard your college admission and ensure a smooth transition to this exciting new chapter of your life. Remember, the period between your acceptance and the start of college is still a crucial time, and it's essential to maintain the standards and integrity that earned you that acceptance in the first place.

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