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Anonymous Reporting

According to the U.S. Secret Service's 2019 findings, a majority of school shooters (66%) had shared their plans with someone beforehand, and almost all of them (89%) had exhibited behaviors that others had found worrisome or forbidden. Moreover, in the case of children and teenagers who commit suicide, over half (54%) had either talked about or engaged in behaviors related to self-harm or suicide. Sometimes, several friends were aware of the attacker's suicidal intentions. The two sources of such information are social media and the student community. By monitoring student social media accounts and providing an anonymous reporting system, parents, educators and schools can tap into these sources to gather advanced information and insights to help prevent potential security threats.

AI-powered social media search

SocialTrase is an advanced tool that uses facial recognition and fuzzy matching algorithms to help users find people's online footprints accurately and quickly.

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